• Published October 12th, 2011
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Building small businesses on the Internet used to be more of a luxury, a choice made by those with the resources and time to do so. Who needs to advertise on the Internet, anway?

With a growing online population and the huge mobile marketplace, it is no longer just an option to advertise on the Internet, it is an absolute necessity. It seems that in researching many realms of bricks-and-mortar services and retail businesses, we've been hard-pressed to find out where there isn't an advantage to advertising on the Internet. The reason this is so vital is simple. The point of any marketing is to get in front of customers' eyeballs in the most efficient way (that creates quality customers at a reasonable cost.) The Internet is, without a doubt the way to do this, and here's why: You can track every single detail of your advertising campaigns, from the amount of eyeballs your campaign received (impressions), to the amount of potential customers you've engaged (clicks), to when those customers perform an action on your site (conversions). A conversion can be checking out your store locations, submitting a contact form, or viewing your portfolio. Whatever you want to measure, there's a tool for it. While it's not for us to delve into details on these specific methods and the how-to's of marketing with Adwords, we're interested in hearing from you, the small business owner!

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